New upcoming album “Oppressed” by Denver Contemporary Folk Artist Exzavier Whitley

This new album from Denver native and Contemporary Folk Artist Exzavier Whitley titled “Oppressed” will be the one that will you definitely remember. This album features a brand new sound, including 2 songs of Rock and Roll style sounds as well the as classic Contemporary Folk and Blues mixed. The album is written in a very personal image of the struggles and thoughts Exzavier Whitley has experienced. For as much deep feeling of depression which is present in the first 6 songs of the album, Exzavier has finished the album off with sweet love messages and a positive note with songs like “The Best Thing”, “Keeps Me Awake”, and “Love For You” which will certainly bring a smile to your face, warmth to your heart, and a tear to your eye. This next album “Oppressed” is definitely a emotional Rollercoaster and one you will be down to to love. Alongside Exzavier Whitley and this feeling driven album features Indie Folk Artist John Bilyk, Urban Acoustic Rock Artist, and Los Angeles native, Lee Nelson, and recurring from his last EP Gone West, Woking UK Folk Singer Songwriter Lisa Von H. Expected to release April 29th, 2016 first on CDBABY