Denver Acoustic Artist Exzavier Whitley New Song Showcase


“Keeps Me Awake” is a track written and performed by Colorado Contemporary Folk Artist Exzavier Whitley which features on the new upcoming album “Oppressed”.  This song was written during a bad turning point in my life.  I kept my head high and one day I decided to go outside,  smile and open my eyes all the way open,  looked at the sky and thought of all the people that who made a difference in my life. 
Cherish and love your loved ones even if you don’t connect,  never carry hate nor grudge,  just open up and enjoy love,  and enjoy life. Also,  Exzavier Whitley has made a lyric video for this song with the help of Inshot and VivaVideo and is expected to release shortly after the online release of “Oppressed” brought to you by OneThrone Productions LLC.