Interesting facts about the Denver Folk Singer Exzavier Whitley 

 For being a Folk Artist, and from Denver it’s quite unusual around to hear anyone having celebrity connections to Hollywood. He even has hsome members of his family are highly successful in the Hollywood limelight! You may find these interesting Here are some of his TV star people: 

1: Vargus Mason: A professional famous Comedian that has been named the “Human Cartoon” through the many appearances on HBO, Last Comic Standing, interviews with Dick Gregory and many more exciting things! In fact, Vargus Mason is Exzavier Whitleys Uncle. 

2: Keebo: A friend of Exzavier Whitley which has appeared most notably as the Drunken Limo Driver for Pinky in Next Friday

3: Marcus Folmar: A TV regular which he has appeared in many commercials and most notably in The Big Bang Theory 

4: Priceless Da ROC

5: Kstylis.

6: Maurice Ashley 

7: LaVan Davis (Curtis) From House Of Payne. 

8: Bradley Whitford (Parks and Rec) 

9: Jane Kaczmarek