Exzavier Whitley the new Guitarist of 2017 

These next 2 years will be filled with much content from Denver local and Contemporary Folk Artist Exzavier Whitley. He is known for his extreme guitar work, and more importantly interesting  Fingerstyle playing which has been the focus on his past two CD projects (Gone West EP) (2014) and Backroads (2014). This year Exzavier will be releasing his next studio album “Oppressed” with over 12 songs and his following album “Page 1”. Along with the release of these next albums he will be releasing YouTube content that has lyric and visual music videos to go along with brand new tracks on these next albums. He also has a few collaboration tracks which feature Garden Grove local and Indie Folk Artist John Bilyk as well as Los Angeles native and Urban Acoustic rock Artist Lee Nelson and Woking, UK Folk Singer Lisa Von H. Much more is in store.. 


Watch “Exzavier Whitley – Where to Looking for Me” on YouTube

DistrictDaCapo.com has released a brand new video for the track “Where To” by Denver Contemporary Folk Artist Exzavier Whitley! Exzavier has recently been working on his two upcoming studio albums “Oppressed” and “Page 1” coming up 2017. Plus an array of new lyric and visual music videos for his tracks. He also has recently collaborated with Talented Woking Local Folk Artist Lisa Von H, Urban Acoustic rock Artist Lee Nelson  And California Indie Folk  John Gregory Bilyk as a part of his two album release.