Coming Up: Folk Singer Exzavier Whitley 

Folk Singer-Songwriter Exzavier Whitley has been working on lots of new music lately. Along with his recent collaboration with Denver rock band 3piece Special for his song “Never Fails” he also has been working on his upcoming album “Oppressed” which is due sometime 2017. 

Alongside him on this Acoustic filled album features lovely UK, Woking Singer-Songwriter Lisa Von H who has appeared on Exzavier Whitley’s previous 2014 EP “Gone West”,  Urban Acoustic rock Artist Lee Nelson from Los Angeles which will be also featuring on Exzavier’s next EP “Page 1”, and longtime friend and Folk Singer-Songwriter John Bilyk which features on track which is a written dedication to Colorado state.  

Much of this new album is Acoustic driven with a mix on strumming techniques and Fingerstyle playing. Unlike the next upcoming EP “Page 1” which will showcase more of the electric side of Exzavier Whitley’s songs and blues tones. Exzavier is also releasing over 10 different videos alongside his upcoming album “Oppressed”  which is a mix of Lyric videos, Visual Music Videos, and Live Acoustic performance videos. Alot planned for this year of 2017 and he can’t wait to share everything he has been doing to the world! 


Interesting facts about the Denver Folk Singer Exzavier Whitley 

 For being a Folk Artist, and from Denver it’s quite unusual around to hear anyone having celebrity connections to Hollywood. He even has hsome members of his family are highly successful in the Hollywood limelight! You may find these interesting Here are some of his TV star people: 

1: Vargus Mason: A professional famous Comedian that has been named the “Human Cartoon” through the many appearances on HBO, Last Comic Standing, interviews with Dick Gregory and many more exciting things! In fact, Vargus Mason is Exzavier Whitleys Uncle. 

2: Keebo: A friend of Exzavier Whitley which has appeared most notably as the Drunken Limo Driver for Pinky in Next Friday

3: Marcus Folmar: A TV regular which he has appeared in many commercials and most notably in The Big Bang Theory 

4: Priceless Da ROC

5: Kstylis.

6: Maurice Ashley 

7: LaVan Davis (Curtis) From House Of Payne. 

8: Bradley Whitford (Parks and Rec) 

9: Jane Kaczmarek 

New Denver Local Musician Exzavier Whitley working with Denver rock band 

Exzavier Whitley Official Music Page 

Exzavier Whitley, a Contemporary Folk/Acoustic Artist from Denver has a wide array of music available and being worked on. With Exzavier being mainly a Fingerstyle Folk Artist,  he has been experimenting with blues, classic rock and ukulele based music as a part of his CD alongside the upcoming album “Oppressed” which sold its first 10 copies in 1 week.  
He recently has been playing shows at the Society Sports and Spirits Bar in Downtown Denver and has been collecting local fan base and connections such as the Classic rock band 3Piece Special featuring Local guitarist Joe Gallardo and his bassist Luis Higa. Exzavier and Joe plan to release a record under the 3Piece Special brand as well as a collaborative song in the coming weeks of July, 2016.  

Denver Acoustic Artist Exzavier Whitley New Song Showcase


“Keeps Me Awake” is a track written and performed by Colorado Contemporary Folk Artist Exzavier Whitley which features on the new upcoming album “Oppressed”.  This song was written during a bad turning point in my life.  I kept my head high and one day I decided to go outside,  smile and open my eyes all the way open,  looked at the sky and thought of all the people that who made a difference in my life. 
Cherish and love your loved ones even if you don’t connect,  never carry hate nor grudge,  just open up and enjoy love,  and enjoy life. Also,  Exzavier Whitley has made a lyric video for this song with the help of Inshot and VivaVideo and is expected to release shortly after the online release of “Oppressed” brought to you by OneThrone Productions LLC.

Exzavier Whitley Denver Folk Artist.

Exzavier Whitley is an American Singer, Songwriter, composer, and musician that grew up in Denver Colorado and Raised in Denver. Though following his dreams, Exzavier continued writing and wrote short poems on his past times. Exzavier started to participate in song writing contests year round, and stayed up long nights finding different and unusual tunings for his guitars. He first started working with American rock band Crown of Thorns bassist Michael Paige, where he recorded his very first single “This Way”. Though it was never released, Exzavier keeps it as memory. After many years of dedication and hard work Exzavier Whitley is a now a profound Contemporary Folk Artist and on top of having 1 introductory album and EP completed Exzavier now is working with a brand new upcoming Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic Folk and blues Album titled “Oppressed” featuring folk and acoustic rock artists Lee Nelson, Lisa Von H, and Folk Artist John Bilyk alongside Exzavier Whitley coming up.

Exzavier Whitley. Denver Contemporary Folk Artist