New Denver Local Musician Exzavier Whitley working with Denver rock band 

Exzavier Whitley Official Music Page 

Exzavier Whitley, a Contemporary Folk/Acoustic Artist from Denver has a wide array of music available and being worked on. With Exzavier being mainly a Fingerstyle Folk Artist,  he has been experimenting with blues, classic rock and ukulele based music as a part of his CD alongside the upcoming album “Oppressed” which sold its first 10 copies in 1 week.  
He recently has been playing shows at the Society Sports and Spirits Bar in Downtown Denver and has been collecting local fan base and connections such as the Classic rock band 3Piece Special featuring Local guitarist Joe Gallardo and his bassist Luis Higa. Exzavier and Joe plan to release a record under the 3Piece Special brand as well as a collaborative song in the coming weeks of July, 2016.